The ultimate package for the dreamer who lives and breathes the dreamworld with 4 dream consultations per month (save $40 USD per month)

4 Dream consultations per month

Receive 4 Dream consultations per month directly to your Dreamfolio® by a qualified Dream Therapist. Includes interpretations of your dreams and guidance for further dreamwork.

Premium access to the dream room

Get access to exclusive dream resources including dream sound meditations and dream yoga videos.

Create a Dreamfolio®

Create your online dream portfolio where you can record your dreams, access and edit them any time.

Share your dreams

You can choose to share your dreams with the Dreamcubator® community or keep them private.

Access to our dream community

Engage with the Dreamcubator® community by commenting on other member's dreams and receive helpful insights into your own dreams.

Request a dream therapy session

Request a one hour dream therapy session with one of our qualified dream therapists.